Questions about the theory of evolution abound. In this unique round table discussion, members of the Reasons to Believe scholar team carefully weigh the scientific evidence for biological evolution in comparison with evidence for supernatural creation. This practical series of discussions addresses issues of perennial concern for skeptics and Christians alike. This 5-pack study guide, designed to accompany Navigating Genesis, invites you and your friends to be a part of Dr. Ross’s small group.
10 Breakthroughs of 2013
This booklet sparks awe and intrigue as RTB scholars highlight 10 important discoveries of 2013 and how these findings provide new evidence for the Creator's handiwork. Kenneth Samples shares his story of the great influences of his early life—Roman Catholicism, his father’s service in World War II, sports icons, and The Beatles. But it was Kenneth’s love for philosophy that led him to personal faith in Jesus Christ.