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Icons of Evolution The Language of God Creation vs. Evolution Course Registration
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Jonathan Wells convincingly demonstrates that the evidence and examples of Darwinian evolution commonly found in biology textbooks are either misleading or false. Dr. Francis Collins discusses his approach for maintaining scientific credibility within a Christian worldview. Collins' book represents the theistic evolution (evolutionary creationism) perspective. This intensive 8-week online course helps students learn how to use RTB's testable creation model approach to challenge the evolutionary paradigm.
Creation vs. Evolution Course Material Package More Than a Theory RTB Live! Volume 7 - The Cell's Design
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These are the resources that are required for the following students taking the “Creation vs. Evolution” course In More Than a Theory, Hugh Ross offers a comprehensive, testable creation model. Hear Fazale Rana describe his journey to faith and show how current scientific discoveries at the cellular level provide evidence for a supernatural Designer–the God of the Bible.