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How to Read a Book Critical Thinking Skills Course Registration Critical Thinking Skills Course Material Package
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This modern classic is one of Kenneth Samples’ all-time favorite books. Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren’s book equips readers to go beyond merely reading a book to evaluating it, interacting with it, and making it their own. Professor Samples considers this text to be foundational to understanding all works of non-fiction. In this intensive 8-week online course, RTB's senior theologian, Kenneth Samples teaches what it means to love God with all your mind. This package includes resources required for the following students taking the Critical Thinking Skills course
The Word of God and the Mind of Man Come, Let Us Reason A World of Difference
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Ronald Nash explores the historical genesis of the separation of faith and reason through the work of Hume and Kant. Norman Geisler and Ronald Brooks  introduce the reader to logic and how to recognize common mistakes in sound reasoning. In this fresh approach to worldview thinking, RTB theologian Kenneth Samples encourages believers to develop a core belief system based on truth, critical thinking, and logic.