This set of four audio CDs features each of the RTB scholars sharing their personal journey to the Christian faith. The Navigating Genesis series offers a unique opportunity to
equip your church with powerful tools for outreach to their unbelieving
friends and family by tackling one of the most controversial passages in
Scripture: Genesis 1–2. This study has been strategically designed to help move Christians
from feeling embarrassed and uncertain about their faith to feeling more
solid and ready to share their faith with unbelievers.
Dr. Zweerink shares four characteristics needed to engage our culture with the gospel. This practical message will equip Christians to share the reasons for their faith in an effective and careful manner.
At age seven, Hugh Ross decided to become an astronomer. After earning a PhD from the University of Toronto, he went to the Caltech to research distant quasars. But that’s not all he studied. Hear how Dr. Ross investigated the world’s “holy books” and placed his faith in Jesus Christ as His Creator and Savior.