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Old-Earth or Evolutionary Creation? Controversy of the Ages The Grand Canyon: Monument to an Ancient Earth
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Two prominent voices in the origins debate—Reasons to Believe and BioLogos—discuss where they agree and where they disagree on the relationship between science and faith. Three major camps have emerged in the Christian debate about the age of the earth. More than “just another three views” book, Controversy of the Ages analyzes the debate itself. A team of professional scientists address the popular young-earth claim that the Grand Canyon was formed a few thousand years ago in a worldwide flood.
The God Abduction Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? Genesis 1–4: A Linguistic, Literary, and Theological Commentary
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Author Ron Londen takes the reader on a journey to uncover the truth
about whether the record of nature supports the claims of modern
The rise of theistic evolution has led to many Christians questioning the traditional interpretation of Adam and Eve as historical persons. Old Testament scholar C. John Collins tackles the questions raised by theologians and scientists alike. He provides a helpful survey of other biblical authors on the existence of the first humans and evangelical alternatives for how to integrate the biblical and scientific data. The first chapters of the Bible are among its most controversial. In this multifaceted commentary on Genesis 14, Old Testament scholar C. John Collins provides an academically rigorous treatment of the biblical text. Informed by the literary-theological method, as well as discourse analysis, Collins offers an integrated study. He also discusses how the foundational themes introduced in these chapters impact life today.
The Frontiers of Science & Faith Antenna Arraying Techniques in the Deep Space Network Icons of Evolution
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Antenna Arraying Techniques in the Deep Space Network introduces the development and use of antenna arraying through the use of the Deep Space Network. Jonathan Wells convincingly demonstrates that the evidence and examples of Darwinian evolution commonly found in biology textbooks are either misleading or false.
The Genesis Debate
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Hugh Ross and Gleason Archer team up for this written debate, moderated and edited by David Hagopian. The topic: the meaning of the word "day" as used in Genesis 1.