Good Science, Good Faith Complete Course Package

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Many teens are leaving home—without taking their faith with them. The faith of many Christian young people becomes irreparably damaged when their tough questions go unanswered. Reasons to Believe helps prevent and reverse that damage with its year-long high school program, Good Science, Good Faith.

This cutting-edge curriculum combines what students have learned in their science textbooks with the best biblical research. Good Science, Good Faith covers some of the most critical challenges to the Bible that teens will face during their college years and beyond:

  • How do science and Scripture fit together?
  • Is the big bang valid?
  • Did first life spring from an ancient primordial soup?
  • Are humans descendants of Neanderthals?

Answers to these questions demonstrate how scientific discoveries affirm the accuracy of the Bible! Good Science, Good Faith can prepare your 11th- or 12th-grader to trust confidently in Jesus Christ as the Creator and stand strong in the faith amid the growing challenges of a secular culture.

Here is a short video explaining more about the program.

The Good Science, Good Faith curriculum is a one-year high school science apologetics program. It is laid out in 20 lessons, and does not require any parental preparation. It is an at-home, self-study program.

Good Science, Good Faith offers college preparation for those students with a general interest in science. We recommend that students who are planning to pursue a career in science, mathematics, engineering or medical research consider taking one of our traditional online courses or an on-demandcourse.

The first 10 lessons focus on questions surrounding the interpretation and integration of Genesis 1. The second 10 lessons focus on scientific topics following the history of the universe, from the creation event through the formation of the earth, the fossil record, the creation of humans culminating in the new creation.

The Complete Course Package includes the following:

  • Student Workbook
  • Answer Key (includes Final Exam)
  • All course audio lectures
  • Most video lectures
  • Lecture outlines

Preview excerpts from the Good Science, Good Faith Student Workbook:

You are also invited to watch this 22-minute workshop given by the author of the curriculum. It will explain more of the details and rationale behind the program.