Advanced Seminar on Astronomy and Design Course Material Package

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These are the resources that are required for the following students taking the Advanced Seminar on Astronomy and Design course:

  • Audit students
  • Students from Northern California Bible College
  • Graduate students at Hope International University

Included in this package are the following resources:

  • How to Find a Habitable Planet (book)
  • Beyond the Cosmos (book)
  • String Theory for Dummies (book)
  • Who's Afraid of the Multiverse? (booklet)
  • The Elegant Universe (DVD)

*Registration required for audit students not included in this package.

If you already took the old 8-week version of the "Astronomy and Design" course, you should be aware that this advanced course contains some overlap. You will review concepts related to the multiverse and string theory, but also explore issues related to extra-solar planets and the laws of physics.