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The Problem of Evil (Downloadable MP3)

The Problem of Evil (Downloadable MP3)

The Problem of Evil (Downloadable MP3)

A Fresh Perspective on a Timeless Issue.

The controversy about the problem of evil raises issues of perennial concern for skeptics and Christians alike. In this unique round table discussion, members of the Reasons to Believe scholar team and apologists carefully consider the unique contribution that science can make in answering these difficult questions.

Series titles include:

  • Overview of the Problem of Evil
  • God’s Master Plan
  • Did God Create Evil?
  • Why Does God Allow People to Suffer?
  • Why Would a Loving God Allow Natural Evil?
  • “Imperfections” in Nature
  • Are Evil, Suffering, and Death Adam’s Fault?
  • Is This the Best of All Possible Worlds?
  • Isn’t Death Inherently Evil?
  • Why Would a Loving God Create a Place of Eternal Punishment Called Hell?
  • The Problem of Good?
  • Practical and Pastoral Advice

This series was originally recorded for the 2004 Monthly Partners Message of the Month.

12 audio CDs (approx. 50 minutes each)

This content is also available in the web store as an audio CD set..