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God & the World of Insects

God & the World of Insects

God & the World of Insects

Explore the amazing and complex world of insects!

A group of Christian entomologists and scientists discuss the design, nature, beauty, diversity, and purpose of insects. Contributing authors—including RTB scholar and biochemist Dr. Fazale “Fuz” Rana—consider such topics as the biological convergence among anthropods, the importance of ants to the ecosystem, and the implications of design that come from bioinspiration.

Key questions include:

  • Are the compound eyes of bees irreducibly complex?
  • Why are there insects such as mosquitoes and cockroaches?
  • Do insects suffer?
  • Are insect parasite actually evidence for design?

Selected Endorsements

God & the World of Insects is an insightful look at the complex world of insects through the eyes of entomologists/scientists who believe in a Creator God. This book presents evidence of design, common blueprint and purpose of the Creator, by pointing to the beauty and diverse insect world as a demonstration of His plan. The authors challenge the reader to open their eyes and their minds to see both the beauty and diversity of the insect world through the Creator’s design. I would hope that this book would not only be read and contemplated, but also become weather-beaten by being part of one’s scientific reference library.”

Paul Baker, PhD Emeritus, Professor of Entomology, University of Arizona

“This is a really amazing encouraging book. It is one thing to reject intelligent design when the conversation is carried on in the abstract. But when specific cases are analyzed––the incredible nature and role of parasites, the development of a butterfly and on and on—it becomes so very hard to reject an intelligent designer in the face of such staggering, detailed information. And this book is full to overflowing with that sort of detail.”

J.P. Moreland, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Biola University